about us

Piping bags manufacturer

KEEPLASTICS AB and its founders Allan & Gunilla Ejeblad, formulated a blend of specialty plastic resins, along with a unique manufacturing process, to create KEE-Seal Disposable Piping Bags.

We were aware of the increasing hygiene demands in catering and bakery business and that the traditional piping bag could not meet these demands. For various reasons the disposable piping bags in the market at that time were not good enough for professional users. The KEE-Seal factory team has remained laser focused on producing just one item!!!

After 9 years Our product is distributed today in 54 countries around the world and it has been internationally acclaimed equally by all kind of professionals end-users and distribution companies that find this reliable product not only contribute to good business but also doesn’t provide any problems.

Recently, Keeplastics has developed another patented revolutionary enhancement for KEE-Seal. Our goal? Making KEE-Seal\'s exterior even more gripable with a unique textured surface, able to perform - even when hands become wet! Users who refused to give up canvas / vinyl bags have given them up for new KEE-Seal ULTRA!

AWARD-WINNING KEE-Seal ULTRA! Already a HUGE SUCCESS around the world. There has never before been the textured feel of canvas on a disposable piping bag - until now!