our idea

An idea came to us some years ago...

We knew catering and bakery business had to meet increasing hygiene demands. The traditional piping bag could not meet these demands in an acceptable economical way. On top of that we knew that the quality of the existing disposable piping bags was not good enough, for various reasons, and therefore not really suitable for professional users. As we had a unique technological knowledge of plastics, and the right market contacts around the world, we knew we could provide the perfect solution to these acute hygienic problems of these businesses.

Disposable piping bags are a small product for the plastics industry, but are a very important tool for those who use them. We realised we have to work worldwide to get enough volume and resources to make this idea come true and continue developing the product.

Keeseal was born after many struggles in 2000 and now Keeseal Ultra has seen the light,
- a further development of the piping bag, with an excellent grip.

We never expected, or even dared to dream, that one day kee-seal was going to be one of the most appreciated piping bags,
- development continues with Keeseal Ultra as top poduct.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who supported and believed in us, special thanks to all our customers around the world!

Gunilla and Allan Ejeblad

We export over 95% of our production. We cooperate with carefully selected partners around the world to make sure we give the best possible service and guarantee supplies. Our goal is to have satisfied long term customers who know they will always get our unique quality bags whenever they need them.