why kee-seal
  • It is a high quality product

    Manufactured in Sweden with the latest technology that makes it both excellent in quality and competitive.

  • Comply with HACCAP standards

  • Meets E.U directive for plastics in contact with food

  • Ideal material

    Easy grip outside, smooth inside. Extra twistable.

  • Hygienic

    Inner surface is sterile, piping bag is always fresh and new.

  • Hot or cold!

    Versatile use, perfect for every type of piping or filling. Microwaveable and Freezeable.

  • Extra strong material

    Easy to tear off from the roll.

  • Flapless seal

    The unique seam technology makes the bag far easier to use.

  • Strongest seam

    Doubled-sealed seam for superior strength and durability!

  • Perfect angle between bag and nozzle!

    Conveniently packed in rolls!

  • Neat and tidy!

    No loose bags.

  • Warning bubble

    Alerts the user of possible bursting risks.

  • Kee-Seal Ultra:

    - Probably provides with the best possible grip found today in the disposable piping bags market today.
    - Prevents a common problem with users joints as they do not have to apply as much pressure.

  • A note for distributors:

    - Patented for 15 years.
    - Less competition.
    - Maximise sales with an exclusive product.
    - Offer something unique that matches the good quality reputation that your company is known for today.