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Why kee-seal

All our piping bags meets the E.U directives for plastics in contact with food.

Our Benefits

Double seals

Unique technique of double seals. The only piping bag in the market with this property.

Ultra granulates

Made with just polyethylene, they provide the Ultra grip necessary to work with comfort, making less pressure effort when working and also avoiding a lot of slipping.

It is a high quality product

Manufactured in Sweden with the latest technology that makes it both excellent in quality and competitive.

Strongest seam

Double seals for superior strength and durability.

Perfect angle between bag and nozzle

Conveniently packed in rolls or loose.

Ideal material

Easy grip outside, smooth inside. Extra twistable and durable.

HACCP compliant

In accordance with the standards of HACCP International’s Food Safety Certification Systems.

Warning bubble

Alerts the user of possible bursting risks.


Sterile interior. Reduce contamination risk, start every day with a new kee-seal bag.

Hot or cold

Versatile use, perfect for all types of piping or filling. Microwaveable and freezable.

Flapless seam

The unique sealing technology makes the bag far easier to use.

  • Probably provides with the best possible grip found today in the disposable piping bags market today.
  • Prevents a common problem with users joints as they do not have to apply as much pressure.

A note for distributors:

  • Patented.
  • Less competition.
  • Maximise sales with an exclusive product.
  • Offer something unique that matches the good quality reputation that your company is known for today.

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